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Monday, January 17, 2005

i love sitting at home while i have people working for me on street corners throughout lawndale. my little bitches out on their corners.

how pimp is that?!!?!? LITERALLY!

except i dont really have bitches or hos, in fact, i only have one female signwalker today, and she's more manly than 90% of men, so i might as well say its all dudes.

i am so proud of my crew this weekend, even judas who was the one we thought might not even show up.

judas has won the hearts of the sales guys, by being our BEST signwalker, and so they requested that judas be in front of the sale, doing his patented tiger-twirl-technique.

and i give props to judas for winning the most randomly morbid comment of the weekend award.

he said, "ok, work's the same time tomorrow?"

i said, "yep, same time man. taker easy, aiight?"

he said, "ok then, i'll se you here tomorrow..."

i said, "ok then."

he said, "that is... unless i fucking die or get killed."

and then i said, "umm. riiiiight...."

i woke up to the most random call ever. well almost.

the thing is, my dad and i have the same first and last name, i think he did that because he's an egomaniac, and well, that's fine with me, i would just prefer he registered his phone number so it was listed in the phone book. right now im the only one.

so this guy calls up looking for my dad, and woke me up to boot. two things that irritate me to NO END. but then, the whole thing made me LAUGH SO HARD, that it was worth it.

apparently my dad went shopping at the exotic furniture store here in the southbay, and the owner of the exotic firniture store was calling me to locate the set of keys he had somehow lost in my dad's car yesterday.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, what. the. fuck.?!?!

exotic furniture?

the only reason i even know that there is an exotic furniture store in the area is because XTX is a freaky-deaky, and a beloved weirdo, and took pics of it. her and i live so fucking close to eachother we are like passing ships in the night. she even has pics from my last sign job on her buzznet, peep it.

so now the question remains, not only what the fuck do they sell in there, but what the fuck did my dad buy?! ewww. mebbe it's best i never find out.

to the guy from the exoctic furniture store... sorry i bitched you out, man. but dont call wrong numbers acting foolish at 7 in the morning unless you LIKE that sorta abuse.

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