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Friday, January 21, 2005


i like listening to sublime because it takes me to the highschool glory days. and how simple those days were.

my biggest worry was that mom wouldn't smell the reefer while i hit the hidden under the bed bong next to the fan that was pointed outward. making sure every last drop of smoke got ventilated out.

i'd sit there with my headphones on, in the dark, getting high, and feeling so close to the music.

like any native of any place, im partial to things that relate to home. movies filmed here, tv shows based here, and fucking musicians that grew out of the Greater Southern Californ-aye-A. sublime alwasy repped LBC, and when i lived there in long beach (even tho it was wimpy ass belmont shores, not very thug at all) i was proud to tell people i lived in long beach, and sublime and snoop dog (i must admit) were huge factors of why.

i think it's the difference in popular music, between making what you THINK the people want ORRR making what you like and the people will follow.

like the difference between dr dre and puff daddy. dre was just dooin his thing, yo. that's just dre being dre. but puffy tried to cater to a market that already existed. he wasn't inventive. he wasn't a musical genius.

and im not trying ot judge either approach, i just find that music that gives me that homegrown, we dont give a fuck, take it or leave it, ORIGINALLLL to the max, type feelings rocks my world (helps to also be so cal based).

pharcyde is another example of a group that's local, original, and just doin what they do, because thats all they know how to do. be themselves.

it's like when you drive down alameda boulevard, and take a left on vernon, and head west towards to 110 freeway, only to stop at the jack in the crack on central ave... WHILE BUMPING NWA, oh yah, that's where it was meant to be heard.

watts too.

music has a geographical preference i believe it. my tribe called quest CD never sounded as good as it did when i was visiting NYC in late 1999.

or maybe im just stoned and this all makes zero sense. because im good at that.

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