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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

i just found out that there's these too younger chicks who want me to teach them guitar lessons once a week. i haven't taught guitar since i was in highschool, so im looking forward to it because i know it will be fun.

but before you all get excited for me thinking that im gonna be rapping with young chicks. these are my neices, and that means all those in-the-gutter thoughts you had are now totally gross. and you are a pervotron, and you know it.

sometimes i like to just stand around and watch the clouds float in between the palm trees. and the cool part about los angeles, is that you're almost always nearby a set of palm trees. just keep scanning the landscape until one pops up. one always will.

this is the land that i love. and i hate when i hear people saying negative things about it, just because of some convoluted, wapred idea taht they've gotten from TV and the movies.

the most common criticism i hear from folks who've never visited before is that they think Los Angeles appears depressing, plastic, tan, phony... and all around wacky in general.

"don't all the girls out there have fake tits?"

"isn't everyone trying to get into the movies out there?"

"what's with all the tan people?"

and to all those questions i just shrug my shoulders because i don't no what the fuck they're talking about. i think those people watch too much TV, and to think all those things about the town i love and was born and raised in, is no different than for me to say, "isn't NYC just a bunch of rap guys breakdancing on the subway, and squeegee guys attacking the cars at red lights, and mean stock brokers talking on their brick cell phones?" just because that's how i remember it looking the last time i saw crocodile dundee. pffft.

people are people, and every one can relate to those common little slice-of-life type things that no matter where you are, are universal.

and that's the beauty of travel, is that you see how our differences are microscopic when compared to what the people of earth have in common.

you don't have to be a mexican to enjoy a corona on a white sand beach in Baja.

you don't have to be a canadian to get crunked off Labatt Blue

and you certainly dont have to be a dirty sweaty slimey guinea to enjoy sticking your dick in the mash potatos, because YES THIS IS THAT KIND OF PARTY!!!

it's like how i found out that jamie smoked a doobie on his last trip to Amsterdam, i couldn't wait to rib him about it, because it's not typical of jamie to get high. and all he said to magically make it not-fun to rib him was, "yah well, when in rome... or i mean, when in amsterdam..." and he's right. when better a time to smoke some quality rope, than when it's legal and at it's best? or even just to see the world through the same stoned eyes the locals see it. just to see it.

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