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Saturday, January 15, 2005

i ain't no captain save-a-ho... not anymore.

there are some guys out there that are not only presumptuous enough to assume a girl is a "damsel in distress" but they make it worse by thinking they can "SAVE HER".

there are a multitude of problems with this logic. first of all, it's self serving! Mr. Rescuer is on a mission because it feeds his ego, and makes him feel needed, useful, and important. pfft. why doesn't he save himself, becuase he's obviously a mental patient.

nextly, man, the girl might NOT want his bitch ass "rescuing" her from her life, or from her drama, or from her family, or from her WHATEVER. just because you can see all the flaws in a persons life, doesn't mean it's YOUR job to correct them all. she sure ain't doing shit to fix your problems, and you might not like it is she WAS doin shit. so there.

id also like to point out, that the ho you tried to save, has no respect for pussies like you. she doesn't want some guy who's softer than soft-serve, and who is all caring and loving and that shit. she doesn't want to soak with you in a bath tub while you two try and get in touch with your faggy feelings.

know what she wants? a REAL man.

the kind of guy who beats up guys like you. the kind of guy who is secure enough to let her be HERSELF, no matter what. and the kind of guy who doesn't sell himself short (because if you believed in yourself more, you'd find a girl who wasn't in distress)

nobody's perfect, and im the least perfect of them all. but these days im only surrounded by those who want to better THEMSELVES, because thats what normal people do. they do it themself.

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