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Saturday, January 22, 2005

high! i mean hi. or whatever. IM HIGH!

so hey. and not hay, because hay is for horses, and jackasses like YOU. and guess what? im buzzed too. i had some mexican beers, and saw a chick about to give birth!. yes a real live soon to be baby's mama. in anahiem. tanky's cousin. crazy shit.

i spent most of the time in the waiting room watching jay leno interview the crocodile hunter. good times.

i like beer in green bottles. i'm sick of brown ones. green is the color of goodness.

tomorrow? i dont know. prolly something. OH YAH! i have to take pictures for work. and you shmucks know how much i love taking pictures of thing thangs. should be tight. whitey's going to be shooting too with his digital camera. apparently he found his cord or whatever.

whitey has also has a new Ipod, have i mentioned that? he has the color photo one with twice the storage space that mine has. aka he one upped me to the max. but thats ok, there's no one else i'd rather one up me on such a rad thing as ipod-ness.

it's like a whole new life when you rock one of those, i can't believe tony pierce doesn't talk about his more. you'd have no idea until you got one how badly you needed it and how much you will hate yourself for waiting.

it's true.

wait here. i need to beer meself again-skis.

everyone's left my house, and that's good, because now i can geek out, and listen to that one song im obesessed with over and over and over again until im numb. currently the song in that file is "work that we do" sublime, off the Robbin da hood album.

can't get enuff.

i dont have a car charger for my cell phone, and it's like i might as well saw my nuts off.

the carpet i bought from target is one of those, "i get crinkled and need to be straightened every two seconds" kind of rug thing. im sure you've met one of those before. we all have, and welp, this one's fucking stubborn. serially.

did you know im flying to the BIG APPLE soon? yes it's true. im going to take afew days to visit the most famous island in the world. and perhaps bump into some people i know. or i might just get tanked in a random bodega solo style, because im secretly a recluse. a closet recluse. dont tell anyone.

my hair is past my eyes now. longest it's ever been.

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