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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

here's a clue for the dumbasses that wake me up EVERYDAY.

when you call a wrong number, you can tell you made the mistake almost immediately, unless you have the IQ of a fruit fly.

do you really think that if this was a fucking animal hospital, i would answer the phone, "hello?"

unless you were born yesterday, you know that no business answers their phone like that. and trust me, from the sound of your voice i can tell you weren't born yesterday. maybe 100 years ago, but that's none of my bees wax Grandma.

if this was the animal hospital, dont you think they would answer the phone like, "this is the animal hospital, this is anti, how can i lick your ass today?" or something. not 'hello' .

and after i tell you that you have the wrong number, you want to still ask me stuff. what the fuck old lady?! i have a life to live over here, that doesn't include being a good lil boy scout and helping granimals like YOU.

this is the question i hate the most, and i got this one today. the phone will ring, i answer the phone, and have some stranger on the other end asking me who i am.

"who am i? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?! you called ME, lady."

she says, "oh this is judy..."

i say, "i derno no damn judy. BYE BYE!"

"wait wait, is this 379....


i know i could be a little less unpleasant, but my theory is that if im a huge enough asshole, they won't make the mistake of calling me twice.

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