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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

feeling the wind blow in your face, making your eyes squint, and you hair flap & fly around, like a teeshirt caught in the door of a car on the freeway. the sky is bright blue all around the edges and darker in teh center, with not a cloud left after the winds blew them all away. the little bits of skin you have exposed to the air, your face, and ears, your neck, and hands... are ice cold to the touch.

and you just stand there. swaying in the wind...

the epxression on your face is defeat, despite your efforts to choke it back.

people on the sidewalk pass by you while you stare into the direction of the cars flying by in front of your face.

you suck in a deep breath, hold it for just a second andyou think to yourself, "oh man," just before you exhale, letting your rigid body deflate with every escaping bit of lung capacity.

and when you're almost withered all the way to the floor, you hear, "#97, YOUR ORDER IS READY!!" and you spring back into formation, turn around, and walk back into Baja Fresh...

grab your food without taking your eyes off of the floor, and head on out the door...

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