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Thursday, January 20, 2005

eating is the easiest thing for me to forget to do.

its almost tied with brushing my teeth.

today i have eaten nothing, and when i flig the fridge open, there's nothing but ketchup, and tortillas.

but hey. this time last year all that was in there was an empty budweiser 18 pack.

i ate a tylenol 3 to help my shoulder's calm down to a slow sizzle, rather than searing pain. and... well... IM WAITING!

all pills need to be in gel cap form. if i was drig czar of the USA, that would be my second executive action.

right after legalization of a certain plant, duh.

while i was on the freeway today on my way to the courthouse, i hit the car bong, and i TOTALLY ENTERED THE DEATH STAR!

it was a good day. indeed.

a person unknown to me named heather bought my blook. and i thank her. that's the fourth person in New York to buy it. making my sales total at 12 books sold! better than you'd have guessed, eh?

maybe if i hold out long enough, and leave the link there forever, i might get it up to 15 sold books. one never knows.

i also bought a new $25 dollar glass bong from (oddly enuff) the toy district while i was downtown today.

seriously, go hang out downtown for a day. if you're scared of the homeless... then you have no balls.

the next post i write will have pics of tanky's new car. be excited!

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