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Thursday, January 20, 2005

downtown Los Angeles is a lurvley place to hang out all day.

when you park you are greeted by a nice homeless man who will take your change, and rig the parking meter with a paperclip. it's sorta how they make ends meet, so i dont mind, and in fact, i think it's brilliant.

first things first, was TCB at the metropolitan court house on hill street.

and it was there that i got the bestest ass news ever. not only is my license back in action, but in one month's time, after my case is closed, i can re-open the case, and plea "traffic school" and it will be smooth jams, because my car insurance won't go sky rocketing into the sun.

as it has in the past.

in fact, come september i will have been driving for ten years, and i'll get a break on the insurance. so i gotta just taker easy till then.

next order of business was buying the american and mexican flags we need for the upcoming weekend's worth of sign sales. THIS weekend we only have two sales, whitey's got one, my cousin took the other. I HAVE THE WEEKEND OFF.

but the weekend after that we ALLLLLL have double jobs. hello gravy train!

so i bought the flags, and decidede to drive around and lookit shit, because downtown really truly is a great place to be whne you have the chance. it's unlike anywhere else in LA, there's everything from mini shanty towns to 6 foot tall super models, and i've always been partial to skyscrapers, they just delight me to no end.

so now im home. and i had a great day.

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