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Sunday, January 23, 2005

do you know that feeling?

the one you get when you close your eyes, lean your head back, and let yourself go... and commit fully to a song you're into?

if it's the right song you can totally lose yourself...

lose your time and place in the world...

and even perhaps feel a bit overwhelmed with the goose bumps that have taken over your neck, arms and face.

music is a special thing for me, as it should be for everyone. it's the closest i'll get to being "spiritual" because enjoying song and dance is the only ceremony i have besides hitting the bong.

i long and burn for new good things that i will like and enjoy

the good news being: as badly as i want new stuff, that's how easy it is to get.

i wish i had the time to paint a heartfelt oil painting that describes the mood i feel for each individual song i've ever heard. in my whole life.

like the song on right now, "four theives vinegar" by MF DOOM... i dont have pain't brushes, oil paint, or a canvas, to i'll paint my picture with words.

there's a guy walking down a dark poorly lit sidewalk with his face hidden by his hair and the shadows. he's looking down at the ground anyways, and breathing out big white puffs of freezing cold air, while his hands remain shoved firmly in his pockets. the filthy ground and everything around him is wet from the humidity, and is shiny and reflecting the street lights, but it's not raining, it's just misty. in the backround the sky line is glowing from the combined energy of a million tiny lightbulbs, lighting various busineses and houses that make up the clusterfuck of a city. but other than what's described, you see nothing.

it's dark. warm. welcoming. in motion. and lonely...

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