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Sunday, January 23, 2005

And if laughing at fat people waddling out of WalMart is one of my most treasured past times, who is anybody else to judge?

i read that quote off alecia's blog, and i felt like responding to it here.

my friends have often accused me of being prejudice against fat people, and just not liking someone because they are fat, and for no other reasons.

i too think that fat people waddling out of k-mart is a precious site, that can envoke laughter even out of the terminally depressed.

and you who's to judge? judgemental people, man. that's it, no one else.

ten bucks says a lot fat asses know how to laugh at themselves. their poor health that has led them down the path of fatness (waddling down the path of coarse) was their own fault. no one makes you fat, you do it to yourself.

and hey, the flipside of it is that i dont trip out when someone laughs at me. im the butt of the joke too sometimes.

people will make fun of my sloppy hair, or laugh at me for "still dressing like im 16", or whatever... for being a dumbass stoner, because thats what i am. and it IS funny.

if we can't laugh at each other for the faults we all have, then tell me... WHO CAN WE LAUGH AT?

everyone is funny, and it doesn't have to always equate to something "demeaning". sometimes some shit is just funny because it's universally funny.

like that time i got sent to church camp, and we were all sitting cross legged outside with our eyes closed, doing some fake american-indian ceremony bullshit....

well i was trying to hold in this huge fart, because i wasn't sure if it was gonna smell so bad that it might peel the varnish off wooden cabins, or how loud it would be, ect. and i was like 8 years old, and easily embarassed.

of course it was the loudest fart known to man, and stunk so bad that i was the butt of the joke for the whole week.

and as sad as that story is for ME, the kid who was made to feel bad... for farting... if you think about it... that story is true comedic genius. and i shouldn't have ever let it bother me. in fact i should have stood up, pulled my pants down, and farted proudly in all those other 8 years old's faces. throwing them a thumbs up while im at it.

shame is weird, people can smell it on you like how a doberman pincher can smell fear. and when they do (especially 8 year olds) they'll exploit it.

so i say keep on with the making fun of everyone you can. it's funny because it IS funny, and people are best at making themselves look foolish, including ourselves.

if i was a fat ass and you were laughing at me waddle out of wal mart... i'd prolly laugh along with you.

because you are either cool, or you just take yourself too serious.

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