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Thursday, January 27, 2005

alright i'll take a second to tell you fucks what hell on earth is. because this is it, right now. im rocking it full blast on my boom box, yo.

my lower back is scareaming at me not to move in certain positions, but then i forget and pick up a towel off the ground, which is usually half a second before my erupting into full blown yodeling with pain.


yah so. that's the gates of hell i spose, then where i stood after that was the firey furnace.

there's this velcro back-brace that my mom gave me. she bought it at the swapmeet, and i have it cinched as tight as it can go, and it's still loose like a hoolah hoop. but i still wear it because that way im not just blogging here in only my boxers. now i have a weirdo mock cumber bun.

and if THAT was hellacious... then NOW im locked in the iron maiden that is being dipping in boiling battery acid.

because see, i got all comfy safe and warm before i remembered to get MORE CIGARETTES. and that means, naturally of course, that im due for a mission to see [whatever that pricks name is that works graveyard shift] at the 7-11. plus, my back would like a nice cold 12pack of coors light, or some other equally pissy beer, because i like my beer like i like my nonfat milk. watered down. and yes i only want 12 beers, because im a fucking pussy. it's true.

*scratches face, buggs out eyes, let's out a sigh*

alright im going to get dressed. wait here to see if i remembered to bend at the knees to pick up the clothes off the floor.

a white under tee shirt, and a pair of blue jeans later, im off to fetch that what kills me.


welcome to hell, my babies.

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