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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

you know how i learned most of the things i know about? i went and did them. and i failed 99.9% of the time, but i never failed without learning everything one would hope to know.

rejection is the same way. getting dissed and all that shit. it humbles you. makes you remember not to stick out your chest to far...

because someone might open-hand smack it down, leaving a five finger welt mark.

i think people's biggest mistake is often being ashamed when they shouldn't be. you control your fate, my friends, MORE than you KNOW.

as over used as the term is, one must see things with a glass half full mentality. and use your failures to your advantage, rather than having them weigh you down.

i've learned to be ashamed of very little. nothing actually. what i used to be ashamed of or embarrassed about are now sources of pride, AS THEY SHOULD BE.

you can't learn to do a 360 kickflip if you're afraid of falling, and once you fall, you realize that it's no big deal. after a while in fact, you start to look forward to getting scabs and wounds to show off.

and lastly, but not leastly... getting rejected and failing makes success all that much sweeter. you dont know heaven until you know hell. so welcome to the jungle my babies. you're gonna die.

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