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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

you cant let the day late dollar short blues get you down. i heard that some people believe it's never too late. man maybe they're right!

you still have a heartbeat and breath in you, so get up. stand as you read this post in honor of having legs. (im standing now as i type) nothing worthwhile was done sitting on your ass, and even the winner of NASCAR has to STAND UP to get his trophy and bikini babe.

dont hold your breath and see what happens. dont fall asleep and have somebody wake you when it's go time. if you kick at the same door enough times, it will burst open, and you can walk right through. giving up is for those suckers in rehab.

i want to grab life by the balls... and twist just a little, and say, "either beg for mercy you FUCKER, or fucking empty those pockets!" because im the one with the golden matchbook about to light this gasoline fire ablazin. and if you dont want your eyebrows snuffed off from the flames, you'd best stand back.

is it getting hot in here?

there's two kinds of people, one who has to live to the end to tell "their side" of the story to an audience that isn't interested. and the other who packs up and moves on, and carries with them no baggage, and harbors no hard feelings. its also the difference between those who will live in static, and those who will grow and evolve.

good luck losers!

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