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Friday, December 31, 2004

when a person says something like, "im 45 years young" instead of saying "im 45 years old" is it because they: a)think that they come off as upbeat, and positive? OR b)do they just not realize how painfully annoying that sounds to the rest of the world? we may never know for sure....

that picture was taken by the viking with the flash on, through my filthy windshild, hanging out of my truck, while i was driving 80 MPH on the I-10 Freeway

i ask myself what i want to be in 2005, and the answer is vauge but perfect: imma be everything i fucking want to be.

do you know what sounds stupid to me? is when someone says they'd never change anything about their past, because their past makes them who they are today... and they "like" who they are today.

that's a person who is bad at self reflection.

like i COULD say that about myself, that i wish nothing in my past went differently. but how could i say, "i am happy i chose to take up cigarettes" or "thank god i dropped out of college" ??? i mean, who wouldn't like to a be a non-smoking college graduate?? pshhh.

i've embraced my scumbag side far too much i thinks. living out of sweatpants and my car, with my hair sticking straight up in the air because grease is good like that. and i dont know jack shit about feng shui, but you dont need to be the karate kid to realize that your surroundings can do a shit load for HOW YOU FEEL. so im cleaning this shithole up, and putting everything away so i don't have to fucking see it. and im gonna be the stoned martha stewart in 05. yes it's true.

and tomorrow never comes. there is no "one day i wil... yadda yadda" or non of that shit. what are you waiting for? if you were hailing a cab in the city, you wouldn't wait for a special taxi that had JUST THE RIGHT hubcaps... or whindshield wipers.

YOU have places to BE, and are gonna take any sorry ass jelopy that rolls through.

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