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Saturday, December 25, 2004

wah wah wah, the horridays are so horrible. you hear that from lotsa people, and i truly know where they are coming from.

but they need to get over it. especially if they live in los angeles.

it's not snowing, fuckin A.

and we have two basketball teams. the NBA quote of the season this year is, "there goes kobe runnin his damn mouth again..."

go clippers!

third dosage of family function-ness to be inhaled tomorrow. im gonna murder them with friendliness. brutally kind. uncomfortably cheerful.

or as i like to put it, "giving them a taste of their own."

but so far my christmas has been the best one in years and YEARS. serially.

i got presents! and even better, i got re-connected with my sister Julie (last time we saw eachother, nine years ago), among other family members who i have been blackballed from contacting prior.

although the PERFECT present for christmas would be two new shoulders. im taking glucosamine now, it's for arthritic symptoms in your joints, knees, and shoulders... and has regenative qualities. but i think it's bogus. i dont trust pills.

and i have a savings bond, and im cashing that shit out and putting it in the euro. take THAT america.

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