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Monday, December 27, 2004

they say not everyone can get high at work, but i dont buy that shit.

i mean maybe they DRUG TEST you... or you literally have a job like "Air Traffic Controller" where you need your focus...

but that's barely anyone.

i personally have gotten high at every job i ever had, and even got denied a job because i failed a drug test. and to show for it: i live on the beach, by myself, and have 4 days off a week. (not bad, eh?)

i think people forget how mellow it is to smoke pot any and everywhere. the smell is your only concern, and even then... just cuz someone smells it, doesn't mean they can pin point where it's coming from.

i think weed improves my situation anyways. after a fat hit from my car bong on the freeway, i notice that my vision gets clearer. weird, eh?

i have a fat bag of weed on the floor next to my bong. today im going to try and overdose.

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