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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

so i went to mall to go shopping for my loved ones, and ended up going home with a new pair of reeboks for myself. oops.

the viking and i are gonna go shopping together today, he's on his way to fetch me as we speak.

here's the shopping list as of now:

my mom
my sisters, carrie, ginger and julie
my cousin mike (aka the viking)

my sisters are difficult to shop for, and big tanky was with me at the mall last night, so i couldn't really shop for her.

but i did get whitey the bestest shirt ever, and my mom will love this egypt thingy i scored for her.

and i love my reeboks.

and i think it's a shame that the holidays are always so ruined by people's cut-throat attitudes. it never needs to be like that.

we pulled up in valet parking, ate california pizza kitchen before we started shopping, took our time, and we each bought ourselves shoes.

i think that's my quickie-guide to happy holiday shopping. so i hope you were taking notes.

the viking just called, and told me he's already going mental from the traffic and the people, so i told him that he had better come inside and take a 6 footer before we leave.

hard to be cranky when six feet worth of smoke climb into your lungs all at once. it's hard not to do anything other than enter the deathstar at that point.

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