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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

see? the book fits in your back pocket, like a good paperback SHOULD. and isn't that awesome how i used the fisheye lens to give myself a J.Lo Booty?!?!?

the whole book thing makes me feel all sorts of feelings. and like an annoying house wife with too much time on her hands, im gonna go into a painfully mundane description of it all.

first off, the competition. i will never sell as many books, or get as much attention as tony pierce, or ryan mcgee... among others. so to start off with i felt a little insecure and unsure of my "product"

after i got it in the mail, the first edition: i was equally excited and embarassed... because the book had some flaws, and i derno, i just wished it was perfect. so i enlisted the help of big tanky, and together we came up with ideas that will improve things astronomically. a font you can read, for example, is thanks to tanky.

i sold two books this morning (thanks to a spam style mass email, btw sorry bout that folks), bought a copy for myself, and also bought a copy of tony pierce's book. cafepress says it will all arrive before x-mas. (oh helllllll yes!) and this time i payed a little extra for the fancy shipping. so perhaps i wont have to wait quite as long for version 1.2

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