Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

rimble ramble fimble famble barf barf, puke, diarrhea.

yes welcome, anti's brain blender here to fuck up the auction.

going once? going twice...?

TOLD, by anti.

know that feeling when you totally out do someone's expectations, to the point that they are speechless? yah i like it too.

competition is healthy when the ends justify the means. and if the ends are RESULTS, who can complain? why waste the time?

time is precious, get back on track, focus that energy where it needs to be. Channeled into YOUR goal. YOUR fucking ends.

how much time do you lose off the race by looking back at the others? well hopefully you're smart enough not to find out. because looking back does little for now. wait until after.

wait until you have a time to breath, and right now you dont.

remember Maurice on the biggest loser this last tuesday? he ran to the gate. this motherfucker weighs like 350+ pounds STILL (and he even lost 50 pounds as it is) but he tucked his head down, he kept trucking the nearly two mile run, and he fucking pulled it off. inspiring indeed.

you can get inspirations from all sorts of weird places. playboy magazine for example.

did you know hugh hefner got started with $800 BORROWED, in his kitchen, and the dinner table. and well, it just shows me that it pays to dream big. to think large, and never ever sell yourself short, not if you believe in your shit.

and never ever, EVERRRRR fear failure. love it, embrace it, get OVER IT. because what other people think means shit to you. it really does.

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