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Thursday, December 16, 2004

my signwalkers and friends get scared when they ride with me in my truck. and it's not because i drive wrecklessly.

it's because i drive on fumes.

my logic is that i should only put in $5 in the tank, because the odds are i'll drive down the street and find a gas station with cheaper gas.

and i've driven my truck until it has run out of gas before, it was no big whup. but most importantly it taught me how long i have before i need to refuel.

that's why american made cars are the best. if you're driving some german peice of shit, when it says empty, it MEANS it.

and every american car company knows that empty should mean "5 more gallons and you're fucked!" because we're all fat lazy, cheeseburger guzzling, bush voting, retards. and i thank them for knowing us so well.

every once in a while though, i'll filler up all the way. it will be because i either found a killer price, or have to go somewhere far. i hate when that happens...

right now the tank is full, and i totally did it on accident.

i was stoned, see? and so i went into the snack shop area to grab a snickers bar, or some shit, and got distracted by the FHM magazine cover, and next thing i know, i spent over $50.00 on 25 gallons of $2.19/per gallon GASSSSS.


sometimes i wish i put the gas back into the pump. but i've tried that. you just end up making a mess...

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