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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

my last post makes me laugh, but not in a good way.

it's that sinister kinda manical laugh that one does while typically staring at the moon, rubbing their hands together like they was Mr. Burns.

i knew it was gonna be a bitch checking on the dealership signs that we are leaving up all week as a "thank you" to our most loyal client, and i knew that today the signs would be ripped apart and fucked the fuck up because of the storms.

but i did NOT expect that truck to fucking hit that gutter and slash my whole self with fucking water that is SO DIRTY it makes sewage smell clean.

good times.

so here i am with bloody knuckles. and nothing but cigarettes in the house to eat. yummy.

oh wait i forgot, i have a fucking advil in the medicine chest, MAYBE i can suck off the candy coating for god-damned nurishment.

stick a fork in me...

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