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Monday, December 13, 2004

my cousin had something to get off his chest, and before he told me, i could sense the concern he was feeling, he was even tounge tied to start off with.

he prefaced it with, "well... it's about your dad..."

at this point, my imagination grabs me for a second and pictures all types of crazy scenarios.

did he die? is he gonna finally pay up what he owes me? is he getting married for the seventh time? is he gonna make another attempt to get my attention without paying up? did he get another STD?

with my father, one never knows.

well, lemme tell YOU what it was, and you tell me what you think.

My dad, antidis senior, is taking my cousin mike, my unle bill, and mike's nephew anthony to a clipper game tonight. floor seats... i think they're playing the Celtics.

ok, you're prolly thinking the same four questions that i am thinking: "yah? and? so? what?"

but the thing is, my dad comes crying to my uncle and to my cousin about me. he does a little song and dance for them about how much he "misses his only son..", and they're pleased to tell him the solution, because i have made it very very clear to everyone. fix the trashed credit history you left behind when you stole my identity for your failed business ventures, and all will be well.

but see, that's where they see a man who'd rather buy floor seats for basketball games, than swallow his pride, and repair the betrayal of "his only son".

i was like wow! and then after my cousin told me he was having second thoughts about even going to the game, because as he said, "it just didn't feel right" that's when i was like WHOA!

ok so here's how i feel about it in summation... i dont think my cousin and my uncle should worry about it. im fine with it. and i hope they have a great time at the game tonight. im not even jealous. the fact that they are so thoughtful of my feelings is enough to make up for all the dumb things my father does.

the shit between antidis senior and i should not become between them and him too. like i told mike, "my pops will never cough up one red cent, out of foolish pride and protection of the worlds most fragile ego."

besides, if mike doesn't go, then young little anthony will have no ride, and two floor seats to the clippers game tonight would go wasted. and i bet they were expensive.

and if you're watching the game tonight, you'll for sure see my dad. he's self described as, "6'6" bald and ugly"

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