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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

last weekend in santa ana there was THREE fucking times i had to wait in line for my cigarettes behind some poor shmuck spending at least $30.00 on california lottery scratchers.

that's plain retarded (no offense to retards. even they aren't THAT dumb)

and this isn't vegas, baby... who do you think you're giving your $$$ to? (aka your blood, sweat, and tears)

the government. arnold shwartznegger. the filthy filthy government.

so you're paying into a voluntary tax. and playing a game that you will lose. only fools buy scratchers.

at least the sorry-bastards in the vegas casinos cashing in their mortgages for thier poker vice are making the casinos richer, and nicer, and huger, and one day i can party there, and there's like some kinda benefit i can forsee.

"it's for the children, the schools, and THE CHILDREN!" that's what whoever is dumb enough will cry i defense...

but big tanky and i watched a TV commercial today where the school were begging for news papers to be donated. and eww... LA Times news papers at that.

so the lottery can raise millions and millions of dollars a week with the Super Lotto alone, and yet the kids are begging for a cheap ass news paper.

that makes perfect sense, yah sure pfft.

and whatever, im an underachiever with stunted ambition. i have my drama to worry about. throwing stones at people doesnt make me better... but what really makes me mad is the dumbfucks taking ten minutes to pick out the "lucky" ones while im waiting to make a ten second cigarette purchase.


because my nic-fit will eat you alive.

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