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Sunday, December 26, 2004

im sorry i hurt your feelings. if i had known it would, i'd have never said it.

it's not that you 'said it', it's cuz you really feel that way.

how do you know how i feel? you never ask me how i feel.

i dont need to ask, you wear your feelings like a badge on your chest.

you dont want to ask me how i feel?

no, i dont care.

you know, you hurt my feelings too sometimes.

when did i hurt your feelings?

well not today, but you have.


...and when you did, i dismissed it, because i know you didn't mean it.

that was dumb. maybe i did mean it.

i just cant win with you, can i?

whatever, you were the one talking shit.

i was kidding!!! goddamn, im sorry!

yah, im sorry too. im sorry i ever sat down over here.

do you want us to leave you alone then?

no, i was just leaving...

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