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Thursday, December 09, 2004

im not gonna have a helper with me this weekend... and so that means FULL PAY. what's sweeter than $1,000 in three days worth of work? not much. (except the obvious $2,000 in threedays, but let's not split hairs here)

buig tanky's bosses are a bunch of cunts. yes, CUNTS. they think that just because tanky doesn't have children and isn't married that her problems are less "important" than their problems. and all tanky can say in defense is, "SORRRRY for not being a superhuman from planet krypton, why dont i chop off my head so you can pretend it's a pinata??"

in my opinion, it's a fat thing. big tanky has two female bosses that are morbidly obese, and have to constantly be on diets that dont work. and they hate the fact that big-tanky can eat junkfood until she's blue ni the face, and won't gain an once. so her only defense is, "SORRRRY for not having a slower metabolism, why dont you saw off my arms, and beat me with them?"

it's a damn shame in the end, because these two heiffers are giving women in the workplace a bad name. big tanky is on the lookout for another job... im on the lookout for her boss's cars... i have some boogers i wanna wipe someplace.

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