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Monday, December 20, 2004

i think i might start shopping soon for my friends family and loved ones. today seems like a good day to start.

or maybe tomorrow.

i like to shop for everyone i know all in one store at once. so target, here i come!

im gonna do it the smart way and set away ten million hours of time to account for teh gridlocked street, the NO parking, and the lines at the cashiers that are miles long.

the holidays are a nice time of year. and everyone is so nice when they get into that CHRISTMAS spirit. but then.... take that person to any retail shopping center, and watch them flare their teeth at you, and literally growl and bark. like wild animals.

i took my time walking to my parked car in front of some lady in a minivan over by rite aid the other day, and the bitch screamed at me, "you're not gonna get far with THAT attitude."

my reply was my middle finger. and um scuse me lady, sorry for being a pedestrian.

but man, look at it this way, THEY'RE the ones with bad attitudes. you're just trying to cope with all this nonesense. and you happen to cope by taking longer than normal to cross in front of a bitchy soccer mom in a rite aid parking lot.

so sue me.

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