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Saturday, December 25, 2004

i have this bottle of stoli vodka that i keep at my grandparents house, and the happened to have a big ass bottle of tequilla too...

my nerdy christian cousin's hesitated at first, but it wasn't long before everyone was throwing back. nice.

i started the wrapping paper war too. i nailed sabrina in the head with a wad of green and red paper, and she fell over, and it was ON after that.

i also over reacted at one point to my cousin sasha telling me that i only come around when grandma and grandpa are giving out money (see the pictured envelope) i got all butt hurt, and thought she really felt that way, which made me think EVERYONE migh think that about me. and i derno man... it just really made me sad. but then i realized sasha is just a butthead, and was just ribbing me. and im so totally lame for being able to dish it out, and not able to take it. but thats life... shit happens.

and then my aunt's were totally being complimentary. aunt sally said im the best looking out of the 11 grandchildren. and aunt bonnie thinks i have what it takes to be a bigtime actor, and even said she thinks i should seriously consider getting an agent. too bad my family doesn't have any hollywood connections. but i appreciated their nice comments.

i called my cousin mike on my way home from the get together, and he said i ought to head up to his house, and i ought to bring my weed with me. he's out.

we shall chillax to the max.

and im READY to party for new years. bring. it on.

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