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Friday, December 17, 2004

i have a sign walker named henry chinaski, and he breaks the one signwalker rule, and that's no drinking.

that's an instant, "YOU'RE FUCKING FIRED"

and we'd typically never let a guy like hank back on, but he's always lurking around at just the right time, when we're one man short.

but today was not the day for him to fuck up, and he swore to me up and down that he wouldn't. and when he asked for an advance in his pay, i knew better than to enable his alcoholism (at least while on the clock) and told him i hadn't cashed the signwalker payroll check.

i could see him curse the ground as he dragged off with his sign to his designated spot. he had worked that corner for me before, this time i hoped not to catch him sleeping under his sign, on the little patch of grass they have in front of taco bell.

and Mr. Chinaski did well... for the first hour. the other signwalkers were routine, steady-ish people, so i felt like i could take a nap. i thought that i was in the clear, because henry and the other walkers were all behaving, and henry didnt even have money to buy a beer if he wanted to. not yet at least.

i wake up from a cell phone call from a very very pissed off promoter. and it sounds like Mr. chinaski is at it again.

the story (as it's being told to me by the promoter): is that one of my fucking crazy people, is drunk in the promotion tent, asking for ten dollars.

chinaski must have had a bottle with some of the sauce left from his binging last night. i thought i smelled something earlier, but passed it off as his booze skin.

so im half awake, running every red light hoping to get to the tent in time to beat the shit out of hank. AGAIN.

but by the time i got there, they said, "that old drunk took off that way..." and they said also, "he was following, and harrasing, some pretty young blonde girl"

i smacked my face with both my hands, and agrily hopped into my truck, and shot towards the direction they pointed.

and all i ever found was the signwalking stick. he was gone. disapeared this time, but at least he didn't make off with any of my signwalking money. i've learned my lesson with giving his ass an advance.

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