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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

hola amigos,

an ass zit is hard to pop. and not just because it's hard to see back there. it's also hard to pop because your arms dont want to flip around backwards like that. a pimple popping stance is worlds apart from sending a lone soldier back there to do some wiping, get me?

so what are you gonna do, FIND someone to squeeze the puss out of your blemmish? good fucking luck, soldier. as it is, i cant even get anyone to mess with my shoulder zits, so i know your ass zits ain't got no love coming their way.

besides, you really gotta ask yourself, "why do i care if i have ass zits or not?" because man, who's fucking checking out your bare ass? no one will ever know you have that ass zit, so who really cares. you're not a thong bikini model.

and if you were a model, my advice then would be to kill yourself. because you cant fucking model thong undies with an ASS-teroid.

and for those antidis fans who have now had their curiosity sparked, and are dying to know about my ass. no there aren't any pimples on it currently. but there was two days ago.

i popped that shit.

that's all you get tonight, your fucking welcome.


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