Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Do you know why it's "fuck you" ??

because, you my friend, are an asshole. A certified, grade a, puckering asshole. and you fucking know it.

your will and paranoia will not over take me. im not a party to your whirlpool of cess. i choose to stay anchored onto dry land with both feet on the ground.

you can live in your fantasy land where everyone is painless EXCEPT POOR LIL OLD YOU, and you can hate the world and shit out love all day for what i care.

i could give fuckall.

see these legs of mine stretched out on the coffee table of life? Watch me as I lounge on the velour couch of golden opportunities.

it's your party, hombre, and sure..... YOU CAN CRY IF YOU WANT TO, but why do you want to? Do you know how many problems were solved from crying? yah, I back you.... I was guessing zero too.

it's like tom brokaw said in his farewell broadcast, "it's not the questions that get us into trouble it's the answers..."

yah sure, sure... We back you Tommy-boy, we truly do... But what if the question is asking your girlfriend, "is my dick the BIGGEST you have ever seen?"

sure the answer, "hahahahahha FUCK NO! hahahahhaahha" might cause trouble, but it was a stupid question to begin with.

it's so, "do i look fat in this dress".... is it not?

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