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Sunday, December 12, 2004

dear city of santa ana california,

hi, im anti and i worked in your fine city the last three days, and im here to offer a few suggestions that would make the place a little less unbearlable. basically you're streets suck. there's no right turn lane so at rush our the whole fucking place gets crunched luke a grape. the signals take far too long. and for a city that has a DMV in it, your drivers are fucking morons who refuse to push down on their gas pedal.

dear city of tustin california,

fuck you, if your code enforcement guy had the balls to talk shit to MY FACE and not to my signwalkers, it'd be on. and yah, fuck you for kicking us out of your piece of shit city. and lastly, fuck you for calling my signwalkers "human arrows". at least they're HUMAN.

dear city of redondo beach,

i dont' know who the individual is, but you got a ticket happy meter maid running loose on the streets. i got two tickets the other day. TWO. now you want to start stacking parking tickets on my ass?! and hey bitches, i can read, i see that one ticket was writted at 8:15am and the other one was at 8:22am. that calls for a double fuck you, or perhaps a fuck you squared. i derno.

yours truly,

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