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Sunday, November 07, 2004

whitey just left, he came over and we considered going to old tony's for some mai tai's and maybe that guitarist guy would play a song that didnt totally suck, but then we got high.

so we opted for watching the visualizer on itunes for about an hour, one of us occassionally saying, "nice one..."

then i told him the story about how i ended up with my camera sitting in someone's rum and coke, and whitey told me about how evil teh combonation of pop and cameras can be.

he once was in his car, and had his fancy camcorder next to him wrapped up in his t shirt so that it would be stationary while he drove. but then he basically spilled a supersize Coke from taco bell all onto the camera and shirt, and he literally threw the camera in the garbage can.

wich is what he told me to do with mine. but i derno, i see no harm in letting it kick back and seeing if by some grace of god it will one day work again.

or i could at least smash the broken camera to smithereens with my 3lb. roughneck chisel edged mallet.

i already bought the replacement and tried to see how poosible it is these days to do that trick where you buy a new one, and put the broken one in the box at home without making it look like you opened it, and tell them you want your money back.

it's not an option. i have to just suck it up and realize that this was why i bought the $179 camera and how much more upsetting it all would have been if i had that $499 camera that i liked. that's a lot to replace.

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