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Monday, November 22, 2004

whitey is lucky that he had such a good lawyer when he got his first DUI

becuase that one was wiped off teh record completely like it never happened. making this whitey's third DUI to his friends, and his second as far as the DMV is concerned.

his battle plan is simple. get the best lawyer he can, and tell his mom about it no sooner than AFTER it's all dealt with. i back this plan with all my fucking heart. i love whitey's mom, she's great. but bev dont need to worry more than she has to.

when ryan was in jail, i was the person he called with his one phone call. that fag! no seriously, he called cuz he said he knew i'd be up at 2am, and i was. and i was glad to be there for my friend.

the thing about whitey is, booze will forever be his ultimate demise. it's why he's broken ankles, blown it with chicks, gotten locked up in jail, and worst of all... it's why he was air lifted off a mountain in santa cruz once, leaving him with in a coma for a week with no sense of smell, and now if he drinks like he used to, he's get seziers.

anyways the point is that ryan forgot his passport in my car, and thanks to the dui it's the only identification he has... so i hope he hasnt needed it. id feel kinda bad.

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