Anti abandons the internet.

it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

trip out on THIS. im not in some kinko's copies for once.

dave has brought his laptop to work, and showed me how easy it is to hijack an internet connection from ANYwhere. right now we're stealing it from the hospital on Garnden Grove Bl right by the 22 freeway.

so what do i have access to now while i kill time waiting for my walkers to get off work? well... the car bong, the ipod, pillows, and now free internet.


but anyways, all the walkers are doing fine, dez made it here JUST in time, and i need to have a talk with Jacob and set him straight.

im going to tell him to get his truck back, stop tweaking, and start acting normal... because we like him and want him to make some $. but not until he shapes himself up.

tonight im not certain what plans i wanna go for. i can either do nothing, or do nothing at the vikings house. and well considering he just got some super purple kush... im tempted to head up there.

but i might have to wake up earlier if i do that, because he lives the wrong direction from work.

dave just farted the LOUDEST fart ever, and now thinks he's a regular comedian. har har har. i guess payback can be a bitch.

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