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Thursday, November 11, 2004

tomorrow i work in pico rivera, and today the viking bought Halo 2. i saw it get fired up as i left his house earlier today, and it looks insane. you know how many hours we played tea first one? it just like... never ended.

i totally slacked off and fucked myself over, because the banks are closed today. ugh.

i hate when that happens.

i found this blue decoder toy thingy in my honey nut cheerios, it's for some game on the back of the box, and it's basically the same as tea left side of a pair of 3D glasses. so my brilliant idea was to put it over the lens of my new camera (no no the broken one, that one's still broken, this is the one i bought to replace the broken one.) and thanks for the helpful tips about getting mine to work. but sadly this is not just water that seeped in and destroyed everything. this was POP. pop and booze. so i might as well have poured crazy glue in there, nahmean?

and fuck that HUGE sign at the inglewood exit at the 405. xtx hates it too. it's like brighter than all of vegas combined, and it's basically a huge ad for the OC. "thanks lawndale, the 405 REALLY needed that one."

i dont have to go to the print shop in temecula, and that ain't nothing but buttertoast if ya ask moi.

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