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Saturday, November 13, 2004

that's robert and i building our small signs that we use to put on every street corner in pico rivera.

there's more signs out than there are people who LIVE in pico rivera, and yet this car dealership is 100% inept at selling any cars. i don't like checking in with the head guy louie, because it's hard for me not to laugh in his face when he hasn't even sold one car.

i mean, you'd think they'd sell one car on accident. ya know? like at least ONE.

the good news is that there is a head shop right around the corner from the sale, and they have the coolest shit in there.

oh and i bought a new sweatshirt.

do you like it? well no one cares if you do or dont because no one asked you (not counting myself)

there's this one signwalker from studio city, and i dont know why, but i hate his guts. he's an "asker" and i HATE askers, trying to get everything from D size batteries to a ride to the bus stop. not to mention he spilled coffee all over robert.

at the end of the daty after i paid him, my truck was literally full to the brim with peeps, so i made his ass hide under a signwalker sign in my truck bed, and then rode the Botz Dotz all the way to washington and rosemeade.

tomorrow is the last day of the sale. im hoping it dont rain.

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