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Thursday, November 11, 2004

so i called whitey, and he said, "hey johnny, you got good timing, im just pulling outta yer favorite place..."

"what? where is you?"

"flying J..."

wich IS my favorite place, and wich means that ryan is at state line, and on his way to a merry time in Tempe, AZ. last year it would have been my low-on-the-totem-pole ass headed out there. im beyond stoked it's him and not me. although tempe is far cooler than the shitty west phoenix area i had to lurk in.

he says he knows someone out there this time, so hopefully it won't be as dreadfully lonely for him, as it always was for me.

i barely have enough money to get me by until i cash my check while im working tomorrow. thankfully i stocked up on cigs and food. i just forgot about weed, WICH IS SO UNLIKE ME.

the viking says he has purple kish tho... and that i like. so i am totally on way up there in a bit. hi mike!

and everything's gonna work out. even if i have to scrape resin.

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