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Monday, November 22, 2004

lookit how scurred i am. and rightly so. my shit still hurts, and they didn't even finish the job.

i even told the bitch when she asked me, "do you have any special medical needs i should know about?" i told her!!!

"i hate dentists!"

...and i continued by mentioning "send me home with pain, lady... and we gots problems..."

well sho nuff, WE GOTS PROBLEMS!

and there isn't a bonghit in the universe for me to smoke until AT LEAST "7ish", or so says Dealer McDope.

pfft fuck that noise, ya heard me?

and now they want me to go in on wednesday to try and get the bottom lower cavaty that they were unable to get today.

she asks if i smoke, or drink coffee, or if i dont sleep well.

yes, yes, yes. what else ya got?

so they set me up for wed, but i have accupunture wednesday... :(

so it'll be needles stuck in me, cup bruises, and then yay! drills and a numb face!

wouldn't it be easier to just beat me with a broom handle? at least it wouldn't eat up the entire day.

all the discomfort in half the time! genius.

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