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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

know what makes you clean your apartment? buying a vacuum cleaner.

it's like this huge loud fun toy that SUCKS and equally RULES. and shit you PAID for the fucker, so you might as well use it.

but then the promlem becomes that you CANT use it, because there's pennies and clothes and trash and shit, all over the floor.

i know it's been forever since i last did my laundry. i can t3ell because im almost out of socks, and i have TEN million socks. i got them all from that 4 month stint that i decided brand new socks were way more conveniant that cleaning the dirty ones. so yah, maybe i can work on that project for a while.

my cousin just makes his sister do his laundry, maybe *I* should make his sister do MINE too.

i need to go hoodie shopping, because all my best hoodies have been lost, stolen or straight torn to pieces. and a comfy hoodie and some worn in jeans is like the antidis uniform. ask anyone.

my homegirl desire signed into aim, not des the one i have pics of, and not dvl.. it's ANOTHER desiree, and anyways... she totally gave me to best advice: "if supercuts scares you, go to this place called ultralux, and i bet if you drop my name they'll hook you up." because desiree was a hair stylist before she was a mommy. so i go in at 11. and im going to get drunk first.

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