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Thursday, November 25, 2004

im on it. fuck this sitting around shit. time is of the essence.

this will be a driving force in getting what tony pierce told me i ought to have done long ago. and now he's on his second one! i have his first one... signed, of course. and i read from it all the time.

yes. i want to make a blook. i've made up my mind

so that's step one. step two is collecting and editing, and putting my archives all together... and making it a PDF, and step 3 is telling cafepress to send me one hard copy of MYYY blog.

how sweet is that?!

i think it would be cool if someone wanted to buy it, so i'll put up a link to buy it when its ready. but im not gonna charge more than cost... for two reasons:

1) this is for ME. i want to hold my writing all done up fancy with a nice binding and a cover. ect. because it think it would be cool to ME to have.

2) im guessing that my "sales" are gonna be on the low side. so why make it more pricey than it has to be?

truth is, i doubt anyone will buy one. i'll buy four or five, and hand them out to friends who'd like one, and anything that happens after that is gravy.

but as lame as it sounds, im SO EXCITED!!! and this is only this tip of the iceberg. a test to see how this process all works, kinda.

because although i have never written one before... im going to write a novel.

and after all the publishing houses tell me "thanks, but NO THANKS" i can say back, "yah fuck you, i thought you'd be pricks!" and do it myself, thanks to cafepress, and thier divine wisdom to make self publishing part of their services.

UPDATE: this post is why im thankful. now i must go stick my nethers in some mash potatos.

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