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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

im glad that the rain stopped, because i always feel guilty watching my crew get drenched while they signwalk in the down-pour... as i drive by dry as a bone, with the heater on in my truck.

if i had a bottle of water i think i would get down on both knees and thank jebus. im ten kinds of cootin mouth right now.

in a half an hour im gonna wake up david who is sleeping in the back seat, and im gonna fetch my signs ive put up around town and on the freeway exits. i'll be done just in time to get my walkers paid, and perhaps be home by 5:45pm.

i like to change the lyrics to every song so that i am just sorta repeating dave's name over and over again, and then i also give him a new nickname every hour. currently he's the werewolf of garden grove. earlier his nickname was susan.

tonight i'd really like to fall asleep early. NyQuil and a hot shower might be in order.

the car radio is on arrow 93.1FM and im so glad that boston song is over. i hate boston and i know its more than a feeling.

dave's laptop is dying, and i wanna hit publish while i can, so peace out'chall.

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