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Thursday, November 18, 2004

if i want to die a death caused by my own stupidity, PLEASE LET ME!!! believe it when i say there'll be one less retard for yall to worry about.

and in fact that illustrates how i feel about anyone who wants to be the creator of their own demise. people should be allowed to destroy themselves as much as they want to.

i say make crack cocaine legal, and educate everyone on what it's risks are. and guess what, all the crackheads that will overdose... welp... WE DINT NEEDEM!

ok now with that said let me get to the meat and potatoes of this glob post, and that's the seat belt law.


let's throw in the helmet law even though i don't ride a motorcycle, but my point is... if i don't want to use the available safety harness to protect myself, THAT'S ON ME.

so when i pull into the 7-11 parking lot, as i did tonight, i don't need to feel that sudden adrenaline rush that a parked cop car gives me, because i didn't buckle up for the three block journey at 2am. (why would i buckle up?) i get pretty pissed that i have to fucking grab at the belt and hold some part of the strap over my shoulder for that "decoy" effect.


i think it's elitism at it's ugliest. because "they" decided that YOU'RE too fucking stupid to make your own mind up. YOUUUUUUUUU are too dumb to just behave yourself without laws to FORCE you into submission. "we the govt will think FOR you. please turn off your brain, and return your seats to their fully upright positions."

i think the nicest thing somebody could tell me these days is something along the lines of, "hey man, rock on witch'yo badself" and not give me "tips" on what they think is right for me.

once i had the option of choosing a cheaper smaller apartment, or a larger more expensive apartment in the same tiny complex. so i asked my dad for advice, and he gave me advice that i have since used for far more things than picking an apartment...

"Son, you don't know jack shit what's gonna happen. for all you know, you'll be hit by a 18 wheeler next week. DEAD. and son? you can't take it with you, live for today. get the bigger place."

and i did. and it was awesome, and i always would rather roll the dice, take the chance, go out there and feel life... perhaps come up a few bucks short, but die with a smile on my face.

im going to be tied up with accupuncturationism up in my area at 9am, and believe it OR not anti is gonna see a dentist @12:30 (im scurred)

and shit man, my act is getting cleaned up every which way. BUT my point is... it's gonna be a burly day. and that's prolly why im not very sleepy and my brain is click'click'click'n away

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