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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

i'd love to tell you how miserable i am, but im sure you can just take my word when i say, "akldjsakljsdlajkdlaskj" oral surgery, can oral fuck itself.

so yah, despite the pain, and how it is currently inhibbitting my eating and sleeping ... i feel great!

i mean... i do have two really nice strains of marijuana. one is called dirty girl, and there ain't nothing dirty about it, and the other is called bubble yum, it's it's not as special.

stern is 'best of' this week. i hate those weeks.

the other detail that sucks is the heavy duty motrin that the dentist gave me. welp...

i lost it.

it's gone, and the pain isnt, and im the smartest man alive. yes, it's true.

but the truth is. im not that miserable. it sucks and everything, but the ends will justify the means.

i put too much importance on my own needs, and ignore everyone else's needs, and maybe i should listen more to the viking when he screams at me for being lazy and only caring about myself.

he only says it when he's enraged, but who says that means he's wrong?

my tv is on, my radio is on, my computer is on, EVERY light in my house is on, i have a lit cigarette in the ashtray... it's gonna be a long morning. hurry up sunrise.

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