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Saturday, November 06, 2004

i was totally wrong about working in perris. that's where we ended up sending white-bagola.

I'M in the city of orange. i spent all day trolling around the block at orange, and on the 5, the 57, and the 22 freeways. because they all meet right there.

dave ended up being my helper, and he kept getting super pissed because my farts smell like dying dogs. it's good to be the boss...

there was a fallout with some walkers so i was able to line up dez and her boyfriend. so that makes four of my friends totall making sign money. im building an army.

the sale is two minutes from disneyland, i cant remember the last time i was there. but you have to be filthy rich to truly enjoy yourself there. i think the churros alone cost ten million doll hairs.

it's been the most annoying tempature in here lately. like just cold enough give you goose bumps... but not cold enough for the heater. i just want it to rain. we need a decent storm.

daylight savings means that the signwalkers get off way earlier. you cant signwalk in the dark. it's literally and figuratively the ONLY bright side to the sun setting at 5pm.

i bought a box of raisin bran, with the hopes that it will clean me out, nice and thourough like.

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