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Saturday, November 27, 2004

i tried to give dave work today. but he was too proud.

i needed one extra signwalker, and was two seconds from getting one of the illegal mexican guys that hang out by inglewood boulevard and the 405. but i knew dave has NO job, and thought of him, hoping i would be able to help him out. (i know you're thinking to yourself, "anti is so thoughtful, awww")

SO, i dial his number on my t-mobile pre pay cell phone and,

WELL WELL WELL. dave's there to inform me, that although this job is closer to his house than any signjob will ever be... and he'll be making a cool 50 bucks CASH each of the three days...

welp, dave says he's is too embarassed to signwalk. "come on man, someone might SEE me" he said...

i told him, "that's the point."

but i spose i understand. this area is where a lot of our mutual friends (that went to the same highschool as us) live and work, and drive around. and holding a sign for money doesn't scream "look how well i've done since school!!!"

but whatever, is dave a little school girl? he's gonna get embarassed to make $50.00 USD?

wont it be more embarassing to ask his girlfriend for an allowance?

and dave is 6foot-something, has long chewbaca/werewolf hair, and he wears keds, board shorts, and black knee socks... and then he's gonna pretend he has the ABILITY to get embarrassed?! hah. i'm not buyin it.

he just messaged me, yes at 3am, like the jobless no-good crooke he is. and then said NEVERMIND. woke me up for nothing.

so this post, is what made me feel sleepy again.

thank you blog. you never fail me.

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