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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, November 15, 2004

i over react a lot. i make a big dramatic scene, a la Jerry Mcguire. and in the middle of it all, my mind is clear enough to KNOW that i will regret flipping out... but i can't control it. ego and pride have elbowed and pushed their way to the front of the party, and common sense is being a shy wall-flower.

booze does nothing to help this situation.

now of coarse i'd love to go into details about how "it takes two to tango", but i wont because that's bullshit to me.

it takes two to tango, sure. but it takes only one person to walk away. so everytime i over react, "he started it..." isn't a valid excuse anymore.

it's all about self control, and self displine. can you do it? can you control yourself? or do your emotions run your life?

im somewhere in the middle, and im working towards total control. wish me luck.

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