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Monday, November 15, 2004

i like that when i travel i find all the same things that LA has everywhere else, it's just slightly different. like news anchormen, or that sleazy old guy who owns the local Ford Dealership. here his name is Cal Worthington, and his theme song on his commercial (wich has aired since my mom was a kid) is world famous, and he is a living legend.

first of all, the song's chorus says, "go see cal, go see cal, go see cal" wich on paper looks fine. but say it out loud, go ahead, do this now. now do it faster. notice how it sorta sounds like "pussy cow" ? well for most of me and my peers we didn't know it WASN'T pussy cow until we were at least in middle school.

but i remember in Phoenix AZ they had some shmuck selling trucks at the local doudge dealership. he was way younger than cal worthington, and was actually best described as some new jersey meathead type with the tight shirt and the jabroni hair. i find enjoyment in the absurdity of such things.

and like, the random news anchors. these dudes rule. here in LA there's this one guy named John Beard, but he has a moustache, and there's a black dude named marc brown, even though we all know about this marc. or if you tune into chanel 13 news, you get this anchorwoman who's like so hot that they make her stand the whole time, and pose and prance around in little outfits, and the news is like, "someone's cat took a dump. the end." oh shit that's good stuff.

but when i stayed in toronto, the gossip was that this one dude for the CBC totally thought he was off the air, and made jokes about the pakistani weatherman being a "camel jockey"

you gotta love live tv, man.

the audio from a Cal Worthington Ad

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