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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

i like that part when you're laying there, and you can wiggle a tiny bit and feel the needls stuck in your body. in the corner of my eye, i could see needles sticking out of my shoulders, and when she cupped my back, it totally left these gian hickeys that feel more like bruises.

oh and i didn't notice until i was almost done, but as i layed there on my back in my underwear, i guess the flap in the fron of teh boxers was wide open for all the world to see. sorry dr chang, i wasn't trying to get fresh, i swear. besides you have to be at least 102 years old.

im sposed to go back thursday at 9am, and im only slightly looking forward to it.

although i must admit, my shoulder DOES feel a little better.

i like it in there too, it's cloudy with insence smoke, and the most relaxing music ever. and i like that dr chang is so bossy, i kinda respect her more for it.

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