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it's finally over, thank fucking god.

Monday, November 29, 2004

i hired two muchachos to work for me today. they agreed only under the condition i buy them each a burrito for lunch.

they drive a hard bargain, but oh well... that's life ain't it?

it was so cold this morning, i had to wear sweatpants under my jeans just to be able to hang with it.

my blook is done. but now im stalling on the artwork for the front and back covers. i'd being doing it right now. but NOOOOO, my day off was robbed from me by these car sale assholes that hire us sign guys. thanks for nothing.

by the way, they didn't even have my checkity check so it's coming out of my pocket, and the "check is in the mail" HAH. im not holding my god damned breath, that's fo sho.

but i AM pleased to report that i am higher than than the stars right now. in fact, there's stars in my eyes.

being slackjawed and spacey is how i crunch the time. and you know this.

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